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Design Guide

Looking to bring your product designs to life? Use our mockup generator to test and size your designs on the apparel. We recommended reading our Design Guide before you publish our mockups to your e-commerce store. Please review and follow our guide, so that you get the high-quality products you’re looking for. It will help you minimize your issues, and following this guide is the only way we can guarantee optimal quality.

Biggest Design Mistakes

Product Choice & Materials

The same design will look different depending on the material you print it on. A T-shirt may absorb the ink well and look sharp, whereas another product such as a hoodie might look faded out because it absorbs the ink differently.

Low Quality Designs

A low-quality design will always produce a low-quality print. Make sure your designs look great when you’re creating them and avoid this problem!

Digital Artwork vs Photos

Generally speaking, digital artwork will always look sharper than a photo. If you have the choice, stick to digital vector artwork, rather than photos.

Mind the Bleed

The recommended pixel sizes in the product generator include the print area with the “bleed area”. Be advised that the generator might re-scale your design to fit only the printable area right after you add it, so all you need to do is scale it up a little to cover the bleed as well.

file Specs

Recommended Print Size

The recommended print size on your product is the entire print area.
Prepare your design in the exact same size, then you can scale it if you’d like.

Be careful of the pixel size next to the upload button. Random pictures from the internet can be problematic, use the DPI indicator on the layer to see if your design is big enough for printing.

Front & back Print Area

Pixels W × H
4500 × 5700

Inches W × H
15” × 19”

Print Colors

The printing color range is more limited than what you will see on your computer screen. Vivid print colors won’t typically come through, so be careful about making this a central part of your design or idea.

We accept files with various color spaces, but our system does all operations in RGB. If you upload a CMYK file, be aware that our system will convert it to RGB and the colors might shift significantly.

When someone creates a design, or uploads a piece of artwork with various print colors, that picture is stored in computer software as RGB. However, that RGB format must be translated into CMYK before the design in question can be printed. This is because, instead of a screen projecting various print colors, the tints we perceive on a garment are only the reflected wavelengths of visible light.

Transparency & Gradients

The gradient shown below would not be possible to print in DTG. The transparent area would be filled with white underbase to ensure colors are as bright and vivid as possible.

What is Underbase?
All DTG garments have a white underbase applied to them, except on white garments. This underbase is what your design is printed on. Underbase allows your colors to come through vibrant and with detail. The underbase will complicate gradients and while a gradient might look great on a white garment, it won’t come out great on a black garment.

Export & File Formats

The export settings for PNG (for transparent designs) should have no interlacing, and the compression isn’t important.

2. Export settings for JPEG (for designs without transparency) images should be in 60 – 80% quality.

We accept JPEG files with either RGB or CMYK color space, but our system will convert the artwork to RGB and remove the profile for all internal operations. The PNG format limitation is that it can only be in RGB, so don’t worry about that format.

Vector images
Vector artwork created using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW is a popular choice for our merchants. With vector approach, the shapes created are easily scaled with their original clarity and quality.

Vector images must be exported in the raster file format, which means you’re safe to work with vectors and then export JPEG or PNG in any size you need!

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